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C.A.R.A.S or Community Agency for Resources Advocacy and Services is a culturally based organization serving the Latino community in South Santa Clara County. CARAS was formed by local activists and leaders in the Latino community to fill the gap of culturally based programs and services for the Latinos in South County. CARAS believes that local leadership with experience in the field has been crucial to the creation of our agency. Based on the principles of the original Chicano Movement such as Self Determination, Self-Empowerment, and Grassroots Organizing, CARAS is committed to advocating alongside South County Latino residents and developing local leaders.

Our Mission


CARAS is committed to the empowerment of the community and the betterment of Latino families through the development of leadership, advocacy and cultural awareness.


CARAS vision is to develop future leaders in the Chicano community to be the change they want to see in South County.


CARAS was formed during the summer of 2011 by a group of community leaders, activists and organizers concerned about the lack of resources and services available to the Latino community in South County.

After MACSA (Mexican American Community Service Agency) dissolved, a group of community leaders took it upon themselves to make sure the funds and resources reached South County and were equitably distributed from San Jose. A lot of the structure was modeled after MACSA but CARAS was determined to have advocacy as part of their main focus. 

Anchor 2 - Donors


Without your help and resources, our work would not be gracias!

Executive Director

Director of Community Development

Director of Finance

Finance Assistant

Program Coordinator | Case Manager

Program Specialist

Reymundo Armendariz

Sally Armendariz

Marty Estrada

Ruby Hernadez

Gabriela Mendoza

Xavier Garcia

Rosa Arazola

Ana Mendoza

Sofia Montes

Youth Advocate

Reyna Deniz

Jesse Santos

Olga Martinez 


Program Specialist

Housing Rights Specialist

Housing Rights Specialist

Housing Specialist

Interested in becoming a CARAS Donor?
send us an email with the subject line: "TOGETHER, SI SE PUEDE"
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