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Serving the community,
one family at a time.

Community Agency for Resources, Advocacy, and Services

Our services focus on intervention and prevention of harm in the community, resource distribution, and advocacy for Chicano rights and justice.

Family Services

In 2014, roughly 69% of youth in foster care were Latino but make up only 2% of the population. We believe family is an important foundation for our community, and if our home life is not stable, its hard for the youth or parents to succeed in life. We defend, help, advocate, and aid families in whatever they need to create a better home and overcome conflict.

Some of our family programs and services include:​

  • Cultural Brokers Program - Child Protective Services, Intervention and Prevention of family separation

  • Legal Services

  • Parenting Classes/Program

  • Housing Assistance and Programs - Rental, Eviction Prevention, Rental Deposits, Vouchers, Legal Services and aid with legal paperworks

  • Immigration Services - DACA Renewals, Advance Paroles, Driver Licenses

Youth Services

Our youth are the fierce future and the change we want to see. Our programs focus on providing guidance, leadership, intervention, mental health, culture, and resources to underprivileged, underrepresented, and at-risk youth.

Some of our youth programs and services include:​

  • Youth Justice Advocacy & Services

  • School to Prison Pipeline Advocacy & Services

  • Leadership Development - Civic Participation & Advocacy

  • Internships, Careers and Jobs Services

  • Cultural Awareness Programs - Joven Nobles & Xinachtli

  • Field Trips & Retreats - Taking the youth to different places to explore, experience, learn, build community, and stay out of the streets.

Community Services

We were formed by community members, activists and organizers. Community is everything. We push and educate the community for the better. We focus on advocacy, education, and culture.

Some of our community programs and services include:​

  • Cultural Events - Cesar Chavez Day Celebration and Award Ceremony, Dia de los Muertos, Annual Tamale Festival and more.

  • Policy & Law Changing - Education of laws, rights, and policies that are in effect that impact the community, or policies that need to be changed

  • Forums - Inviting the community to be in conversation with organizations, resources, and politics that affect them (SIREN, Catholic Charities, DACA)

  • Advocacy - Participatory Defense Movement, Silicon Valley De-Bug, and more.



We would love to provide services to you, your family, or your community. Due to our COVID guidelines, our services are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please fill out a form that best describes your situation and we will reach out to you as soon as we can. Gracias!

Family Services

If you and/or your family need assistance, resources, or guidance please fill out this form.

Youth Programs

If you want to volunteer, get involved, or sign up your youth fill out this form.

Community Services

If you would like to volunteer, participate or get resources, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions or problems with the online forms, please contact us for assistance.

My Favorite part about CARAS...

“My favorite part about CARAS is that we are like a little familia. We are all super close with each other, and for me, its like a second home. They were actually the ones that motivated me to go to college.” 


—  Bella, 18, Youth Participant & Current Staff 2022

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