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 Nothing about us, without US. 
 Nada para nosotros, sin nosotros. 


We strive to provide leadership training, youth mentorship, paid internships, and more opportunities through collaborations with local and state grassroots organizations.


We focus on indigenous based cultural awareness & enlightenment through youth groups such as Jovenes Nobles & Xinachtli. We celebrate and uplight our Latin culture with community events & celebrations.


We advocate at the local, state, and federal levels on issues such as youth &  criminal justice, comprehensive immigration reform, racial justice, LGBTQ+, inclusive and women's rights.


We provide residents of South County with legal referrals, assistance with housing and food insecurity, and case management & employment.

 CARAS strives to help the neglected South County community through resources, culture, advocacy, and services.
 Community Agency for Resources, Advocacy, and Services 

We are a Latino-lead non-profit organization in Gilroy, California.


CARAS, Spanish word for "faces", is a strong indicator of what we do. We put a face to the issues that impact our community in Gilroy & South County. For far too long this community has been neglected by county officials implementing services, and relegated as an afterthought by would-be funders.

Since 2011, South County activists formed CARAS to fight for our community, our gente, and our cultura.

Join us as we continue to work collectively for a world we are proud to leave behind for future generations.



We are serious about




I have been involved with CARAS for 6 or 7 months. My favorite part is that everyone is cool here, I can actually be myself here. I'm not at a table where I feel judged. They help me with my homework and help get my grades up. Definitely has helped me with my mental health a lot..."

- Joel, 12 years old

Joven Nobles, CARAS Participant

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